Steal This Classroom: Teaching and Learning Unbound by Jody Cohen and Anne Dalke conceptualizes the boundaries of the classroom as permeable, selves as complex and unknowable, and the medium in which they live, learn, and teach as complex and unpredictable. The project seeks to philosophize and to enact pedagogies that call forth, explore, and propagate those uncertain moments when teachers and students lose hold of what they think they know.  

Looking for a way to refresh and renew education, at a time when it is derided and defunded, the project combines analytical frameworks from environmental studies with those attentive to the irreducibility and inaccessibility of the unconscious. Beginning with “the ecological thought” of profound connectedness, the project moves across the permeable membrane of self and environment, organism and medium. The project combines multimedia and numerous narrators to provide an intimate, slippery and multidimensional view of the potentiality of the classroom.


Website Purpose and Goals

The interactive web space for Steal This Classroom serves as an evolving companion piece and interaction center for the printed book. The website will offer points of discussion, contribution and distribution of the text, and will offer a space for participants in all forms of classrooms to critically reflect and creatively contribute their narratives, pedagogical activities and media artifacts.